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ESSEC’s IOSC founding partner (July 1st, 2013)

About Toluna : 

Toluna brings people and brands together like never before and brings clarity to an increasing curious world. Through our sophisticated marketing research, data collection, reporting and visualization products, we empower people to engage in the world’s largest social voting community and field questions, share answers and opinions. Consumers can express themselves, vote, be heard and have fun while brands are better able to mine deeper, richer insights in real-time, allowing them to make better marketing decisions faster and drive real business growth over time. 

The universe of data continues to expand in all directions. As a recognized leader in marketing research, Toluna puts you in control and at the center of it all.

Toluna was born in 2000. After all, a new millennium deserves new ideas, and new ways to navigate the world of data. See how our online, social, voting community has transformed and expanded to help more brands and research professionals find clarity in a curious world.

We have assembled a diverse team of industry professionals and visionaries to power Toluna and the success of our clients. We are highly collaborative, open and responsive to the changing needs of our clients and partners. We firmly believe that our success hinges on your success.

More: http://www.toluna-group.com/