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Interview of the Sports Office President

ESSEC attaches great importance to sport for the development and fulfilment of its students. Here is an interview of the current president of the Sports Office - Le Bureau des Sports, BDS - that explains the role of this key association at ESSEC.

International Sports Marketing Chair: Can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Louis Savouré: My name is Louis Savouré, I am 21 years-old and I am currently a third-year student at ESSEC. Before joining ESSEC, I did a 2-year preparatory class in Nantes. I come from Brittany and I have played golf for 8 years.

I joined the BDS (a Sports Office run exclusively by students) at the end of my first year at ESSEC and during my first months as a member, my task consisted in prospecting new teams that will participate in the “Tournoi des 5 Ballons” and manage the relationships with them. “Tournoi des 5 Ballons” literally means the “5 Balls Tournament”. It is a famous annual sport event held at ESSEC in Cergy that gathers sports teams from more than 15 countries. The tournament holds 5 different disciplines which are: Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball and Rugby.

ISMC: What is the role of the president of BDS?

LSThe BDS at ESSEC is different from what we can find in other Schools and Universities because its task is to handle all the sports-oriented topics on campus. The BDS is managing sports coaches, relationships with the different sports teams and individual sports players, the annual sport schedule, the different sport facilities on campus, and finally is organizing sporting events all year long. 

As the President, I have a supervisory role over all these subjects. It is to note that the sport’s calendar at ESSEC is prepared well in advance and mobilizes about 40 volunteers all year-long. These volunteers are all members of the BDS. Moreover, the President of the BDS has to guarantee the proper organization of the association and to ensure the good management of its members so that the sport can be practiced in the best conditions in our school.


ISMC: What are the BDS projects for next year?

LS: Our objective is to continue organizing the BDS’ flagship events. On the one hand, we will hold events that will be opened to all (like the T5B or the ESSEC Tennis Cup…) and on the other hand, there will be events exclusively organized for ESSEC students (like the 1901 event, the Sunsation, or the ESSEC Ligue 1 …).

Furthermore, we have many ideas of new events for next year. However, these ideas are still very fresh and not precise enough to be talked about here!

ISMC: What are the areas for improvement to better integrate sport at ESSEC?

LS: When it comes to sport, the blackhead at ESSEC is clearly the lack of infrastructure. With only one gym and two fitness rooms, sport available on campus is quite limited.

In fact, a drawing of a new sports space already exists, however the lack of funding makes it hard to build. As the president of BDS, I will do my best in order to make this new infrastructure a reality as soon as possible. Indeed, with these new infrastructures to better integrate sport; ESSEC will be able to introduce this discipline as a compulsory assignment for the first-year students.         


ISMC: Is the International Sports Marketing Chair part of your plans? (You have the right to say no ;))

LS: I was very interested in the International Sports Marketing Chair at the end of my first year at ESSEC but I decided to fully devote myself to my law classes. Next year, I will sit for my law degree exam at the University of Cergy.

Louis Savouré, M.Sc 2.