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2013-12 Doha Goals Forum

2013 ended on a high note for the Chair students. For the second consecutive year, they were invited to the Doha GOALS Forum in Qatar.These 4 days were very inspiring and allowed our students to exchange and discuss with major actors of the sports industry and international high-level sportsmen such as the ex-NBA player Dikembe Mutombo. 

Chloé Martinot (E14)
"The Doha Goals Forum allowed me to discover the Qatari culture. I met inspiring speakers and athletes and I interacted with a dynamic community which is engaged in sport and is embrassing all its nobel values. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!"

This event was offered the opportunity to present the International Observatory of Sports Consumption to sports professionals. Many champions gave us their full support. (Click here to read some testimonies

"Thank you for the wonderful work. Please do not stop because we need to learn about all of the continents!Dikembe Mutombo - Congolese and American retired NBA player

"Sports, Media and Health are a crucial XXIst century triangle - a virtuous triangle! We certainly need to know more about it! 
William Gaillard - Senior Advisor to the President, UEFA 

The second edition of the Doha GOALS Forum was full of surprises and great moments. One of our students Chloé Martinot was selected to have lunch with the American sprinter Michael Johnson. We also had the opportunity to share privileged moments with Mickael Silvestre. He confided us key moments of his new life in the US and some of his future projects. We finally had the privilege to attend the first edition of the 3x3 Basketball tournament.

Attending this event has been a great honor for the Chair. Qatar's strategy for sport inspired us a lot and we would be really pleased to go back there for future events and other enriching experiences!