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2012-11 Doha GOALS Forum

10 students and the International Marketing Sports Chair were invited by the organizers to the Doha GOALS Forum, taking place between the 10th and 12th of December 2012. They would realize a study concerning the impact of sports on the international image of Qatar.

In Doha, the International Sports Marketing Chair participated in the talks on development throughsport with the different invited leading figures. A great experience! 

Valériane Dubois-Carmine (M2012)
"3 days of exchanges between professionals, students and sportsmen from all over the world in which th
e passion of sport and the will to develop it was very intense. A real succes for this first edition!"

Camille Pin (M2012)
"really appreciated the team spirit within the ESSEC delegation as well as between all the participants, from lots of different backgrounds but intimately linked by their shared passion for sports. 

The high-level stakeholders gave a global dimension to this innovative event. We all hope these three days of sharing and reflection will serve the developement of sports business and promote both practice and respect for the athletes."

Attending the event has been a great honour for the Chair. It allowed all the participants to learn a lot about Qatar's plan of developement through sports. They hope to join the next editions and go on with this rich collaboration.