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"Marketing through Sport" Seminar - Singapore

October 29th - 31st, 2014

More information in the brochure attached below

With its wide reach and demonstrated success, Marketing through Sports has become a key channel through which companies reach out to customers through sponsorship of events as well as promotional and marketing activities closely linked with major sporting events. Given the conviction, emotion and passion that today’s sports enthusiasts and supporters attach to sporting events, the potential of Marketing through Sports cannot be underestimated.

This workshop on Marketing through Sports will address key insights about how to effectively use Sports Sponsorships throughout the marketing discipline. It will cover topics such as how Marketing through Sports can impact the brand, how it can drive the business, and critical metrics that should be used to measure the effectiveness of this channel.

Who should attend
- Marketing Directors and Brand Managers looking to adopt Marketing through Sports as a marketing and  communication channel
- Marketing and Communication professionals working in organisations where there is a strong emphasis on  utilizing sponsoring as a key channel
- Marketing and Communication professionals looking to integrate digital and social media channels into their  Sports marketing initiatives

Contact: Gilles Herr -
Clémence Omet,
1 Sep 2014, 06:38