International observatory of sports consumption

ESSEC launches international platform to measure the influence of media exposure on sport practice in partnership with Eurosport and Toluna.

“Professional sport and media have grown together at an impressive speed. Despite this marriage of passion and reason, sports organizations are increasingly in competition with the entertainment industry for the attention of young people and in trying to encourage them to engage in sport. Furthermore, the development of sport and media coincides with society’s increased concerns regarding obesity and associated health risks. These concurrent factors demand that this industry steps back and truly understands the relationship between media and sport,” explains Thierry Lardinoit, Professor of Marketing and head of ESSEC’s International Sports Marketing Chair.

The ESSEC Business School International Sports Marketing Chair is therefore pleased to announce the launch of the international observatory of sport consumption, in partnership with Eurosport and Toluna, an international platform providing actors from the world of professional sports with the tools to gauge their visibility and their capacity to inspire audiences.

Looking at 10 European countries and using data from both audience figures and online panels, the objectives of the Observatory are threefold:

·To recurrently observe and analyze the evolution of sports

consumption and highlight sports diversity and new practice trends;

·To understand the interactions between the media and sport

practices and evaluate the impact of the media on sport practices evolution;

·To contribute to the fight against sedentary behaviors and obesity

and encourage sport activity diversity.

Effectively linking the fields of media, sport and health, this initiative is the first of its kind. The Observatory will create a unique database, allowing for an in-depth analysis of the relationship between media exposure and sports and their impact on sport practice and health. Initially centering on Europe, the Observatory will shortly expand to include both Asia and North American markets.

Philippe Guilbert, Senior Vice President Worldwide & General Manager France, Toluna adds: “While numerous studies looking into health, media and sport have been undertaken before, the Observatory is groundbreaking in that it combines the three. We’re very excited to collect and share this new and relevant data with our observatory partners.”

On October 8th, the Observatory Scientific Committee got together for the first time in Paris academics from China, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and France. Currently composed of 8 members with complementary competencies (consumer’s behavior, modeling & big data, sociology, sports marketing, viewership data), it will be enlarged to 12 academic researchers and industry experts. 

Since July 2013, Gisele De Campos Ribeiro has joined the International Sports Marketing Chair team as Head of Marketing Research of the international observatory of sports consumption. The observatory will benefit from her multiple skills and her international work experience.

For more information about the international observatory of sports consumption, contact:
Thierry Lardinoit - Chaired professor -
Clémence Omet - Development and communication manager -
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