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They support us!

The International Observatory of Sports Consumption is increasingly recognized amongst the sports world. Here are testimonies of international sportsmen and major actors in the sports industry. 

"Major sporting events always get a lot of publicity and media attention and represent a big part of the average European household's media consumption. Observing and analyzing the impact that this consumption can have on the practices of this same population will provide us with vital information to the future of sport."

Tony Estanguet - 3-times World Champion, Canoe Slalom, Member of the IOC Athletes' Commission

Michael Johnson - American sprinter

"Congratulations! Keep going"  

Ilie Nastase - Romanian former World No.1 professional tennis player

"Thank you for the wonderful work. Please do not stop because we need to learn about all of the continents!

Dikembe Mutombo - Congolese and American retired NBA player

"Good luck and abnegation for this sport cause that concerns us all!

Mikaël Silvestre - French professional football player

"The International Observatory of Sports Consumption is helpful to promote sport for children and youth, which can help them grow up to be healthy adults"

Hou Bin - Chinese High Jump Athlete 

Sports, Media and Health are a crucial XXIst century triangle - a virtuous triangle! We certainly need to know more about it! 

William Gaillard - Senior Advisor to the President, UEFA 

"Another great initiative from the Chair that not only focuses on sport as an industry but that also sees it as a real lifestyle! Good luck!" 

Larbi Chraibi - CEO of Golden Goal Consulting and Chair Alumnus


"In a context of reflection about sustainability of the French sportive economic model, the Observatory will provide us with new information about the different sports disciplines that will be useful at the same time for medias, advertisors, federations and both professional and non professional sportsmen.

Stéphane Traineau - French Judoka and former world champion

"What a beautiful and great idea to create such an Observatory! It is time to collect data and to promote sports diversity while reaching the youth in order to anticipate and find a solution to obesity issues for children and teenagers." 

Frédérique Jossinet - French Olympic Judoka, silver medal at the 2004 Olympic games

"Sport is now at the heart of powerful media and economic stakes. With the exception of the Olympic Games that promote numerous different sports, medias are "trusted" by very few discplines and not to say only one discipline! I am 100% supportive of the Observatory. It will provide us with valuable information about the importance of all sports, their practices and their impacts on our society. I am sure this new understanding will make sport an essential tool for major society stakes.

Antoine Dénériaz - French former alpine skier, olympic medal of Downhill in 2006

"ESSEC Busines School and the International Sports Marketing Chair remain at the forefront of innovation and research by creating the International Observatory of Sports Consumption. By paying close attention to the evolution of sports, the IOSC will hopefully address the current need to identify and understand the needs of young consumers. It will be good for Sport

Laurence Fischer - French former double karate world champion

"Understanding sport means seeing it as not only a physical and recreational activity but as the essence of development and evolution of our societies."

Camille Pin - former World N°61 professional tennis player 

"My sport, karate relied on a particular media channel the cinema, to grow and even if the link between media consumption and sports consumption seems obvious to me, no one has so far measured and analyzed it."

Guillaume Cossou
- French karateka and bronze medal in the male open kumite at the 2004 European Karate Championships

"Values that can be associated with sport are numerous and well-known, and paradoxically obesity contaminates our youth. The ESSEC International Sports Marketing Chair has all the legitimacy to carry out a mission that aims to promote healthier lifestyles thanks to its double roots: sport and society."

Antoine Mindjimba - Former ice hockey player that participated to the 1995-1996 world cup and current Manager within the Ernst&Young consulting team in Canada