Activities and Program - Master of Science in Management

The ESSEC MSc Program

As the flagship of ESSEC, the MSc program benefits from the continuous care and efforts of the entire ESSEC resources. Ranked 3rd worldwide by the Financial Times in 2014, ESSEC "Grande Ecole" is a two-year-long program with a choice of more than 200 courses in Accounting, Management Control, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Supply Chain, Management, Marketing, and Information Systems.
In addition, ESSEC offers the opportunity to follow anapprenticeship to fund your studies.
International Sports Marketing Chair

Composed of 16 carefully-selected students, the Chair is a one-year program (seminars and case studies form December to June) consisting of 3 parts:

6 courses and seminars
The taught courses analyze sports marketing from different standpoints as follows:

Sports Economy
Marketing of sport
Marketing through Sport
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Advertising or Services Marketing and Management

A professional mission
Over a 7-month period
For one of our partners
Monitored by the pedagogic team and an external consultant

An internship
A three-month internship in sports marketing is required by the Chair. On average, Chair students complete a six-month internship. This internship is part of the ESSEC program where 18 months of professional experience, at least, is required to be graduate.