2011-04 Seminar in Switzerland: IOC and UEFA

From April Monday 11th to Friday 15th, International Sports Marketing Chair went to Switzerland with its two promotions (Master and Initial Formation) to attend a new seminar. The latter offered "marketing by sport" classes by Professor Thierry Lardinoit and speeches of managers from IOC, UEFA, and MasterCard Europe.





IOC at Lausanne: Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th

  • This seminar enabled Chair students to meet three former ESSEC students, who are now working at IOC. Sophie Gutzwiller and Ludivine Roosebeke (both Account Manager in charge of corporate partnerships), and François-Marie Bourgeois (project manager for General Direction) could bandy on their roles at IOC and their sport careers.
  • Students also attended two IOC representatives' presentations. Essar Gabriel, manager of Youth Olympic Games and sponsor of Executive Program 5th promotion, presented the vision and the mission of the YOG within IOC, insisting on the necessity to initiate the youth to sport all over the world, by organizing uniting events. Next gathering will be Winter YOG in 2012 at Innsbruck. Then, Marie Sallois d'Embreville, head of corporate development, lead a reflexion on the way of protecting Olympic rings, both brand and flag of Olympic Games, one of the first worldwide brand with more than 96% of instant notoriety.
  • Finally, Thierry Borra spoke as a representative of Coca-Cola (responsible for Olympic partnership), which has been a CIO partner since 1928 and a top partner until 2020.




UEFA at Nyon: from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th

  • Guy Laurent Epstein (Marketing Director), Thomad Junod  (Universities coordinator), Peter Willems (head of marketing activities) and  Jean Christophe Petit  (senior media rights manager) explained students UEFA's activities and structure, sponsoring and marketing strategy, and media strategy.
  • For the third consecutive year, Paul Meulendijk, vice-president and sponsoring Director of MasterCard Europe, and sponsor of Master 7th promotion, detailed MasterCard sponsoring strategy and the development of the new partnership with Champions League.




Marketing by sports: problems of companies


During this entire seminar, Professor Thierry Lardinoit lead a class about company problems linked to marketing by sports. After presenting a thought on research of platforms adapted with brand main goals, he raised the problem of defining the targets, and ended with several policies for sports marketing campaigns.