2011-03 Global Sports Forum in Barcelona



In the Congress Palace of Catalonia, the Global Sports Forum welcomed prestigious guests, to lead workshops, conferences, and discussions.

Lucien Boyer, a general commissioner of GSFB and CEO of Havas S&E, started this session on Wednesday March 9th with a welcoming cocktail. Important persons such as Oscar Pistorius, Didier Drogba, or Jonah Lomu, also participated to this collective reflexion on sports marketing. There was also Chantal Jouanno -French State Secretary for Sports-, Laurent-Eric Lelay -CEO and Chairman of Eurosport-, Carlos Nuzman -President of the Organizing Committee for Rio 2016-, Sandro Rosell -president of Barcelona FC-, ...



Essec International Sports Marketing Chair was in one of the three stands in the main hall. Before leading its workshop on Friday, it offered all day long and thanks to Microsoft tactile desks Surface and Access IT presentations on different topics:


- Ambush marketing :Should Bavaria be sponsor of the FIFA World Cup?

- Cities as the key stakeholder of future sport’s ?

- Emerging sporting continents, emerging global brands ?

- Public Sporting Policies: How To Win Gold Medals?

- Should emerging cities chose “low cost” sport to make the difference? The case of frontball in Mexico

- Video games: best enemies for sports federations ?


Watch all these presentations: